Break Free From OCD

Change Your Life In 8 Weeks 

  • Little known secrets to help you get away from OCD

  • Break the compulsive cycle

  • Regain more peace and get your life back

  • Regain more peace and get your life back

Are Intrusive Thoughts Dictating Your Life?

"Do you worry about succumbing to relentless thoughts, where intrusive obsessions dictate your every move, turning life's simple tasks into daunting challenges, straining relationships, and leaving you in the unyielding grip of anxiety? Break free from this torment with our transformative approach to OCD management."

Experience Liberation From Constant Worrying

Embark on a journey of empowerment with our transformative OCD management program. Experience the profound liberation as intrusive thoughts fade, and compulsive cycles crumble, restoring a sense of calm. Reclaim your life with newfound confidence, resilience, and a profound sense of inner peace, forging a path towards lasting well-being."

nicholas Corliss

Start of my Mental Health Journey

I was living in Boston finishing my last Semester at Boston College, I had travelled to USA on a scholarship to play soccer. After having two knee reconstructions, my Dad passing away and having really bad trips with smoking Marijuana, my Mental Health caught up with me and I was scared for my life when my Mental Health got really bad in October 2013.

I had major anxiety, intrusive thoughts and it was lasting most of the day. I was scared of my own thoughts and I thought I was “In hell” in my own mind.  I went to see a psycologist and psychiatrist and got diagnosed with OCD and put on medication. 

 Although medication can be extremely helpful for some people, it wasn’t for me. I stopped taking it after a few months and looked for other answers. 

This search lead me to a naturopath in Warkworth New Zealand who told me I had leaky gut and that was why I was having Mental Health problems, she said that if I fix my gut health then my Mental Health will improve. I remember thinking “How the heck, could my gut be affecting my mind?” “Its not part of the mind” I had never heard anything like that before. But I was interested and I wanted to try it… 

Low and behold I went from having severe anxiety and intrusive thoughts for most of the day  to having mild symptoms. I went from feeling 2/10 to 8/10 in a matter of 10 days.  It blew my mind. 


This was 8 years ago and I have been on a journey ever since trying different things to improve my Mental Health. Because I like feeling at peace in my own mind. Who doesn’t? I think Peace of mind is the greatest wealth we have in life. And it should be cultivated and worked on. 

I’m stoked because now I get to helps others feel better again as well. 

8 Weeks To Change Your Life, Or Your Money back

  • WEEK 1: Navigate the mind. Connect with the breath

  • WEEK 2: Develop Mental Resilience

  • WEEK 3: Tools to navigate Instrusive thoughts

  • WEEK 4: Heal the gut to heal the mind

  • WEEK 5: Tools for acceptance

  • WEEK 6: Move the body and boost the mind

  • WEEK 7: Regulate the Nervous System

  • WEEK 8: If you mess up, do this

Only 5 spots available. Starts 14th of February

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this 8 Week Course for

Anyone that is struggling with OCD, intrusive thoughts. I am looking for people that are ready to move through this, get their life back and implement wellness habits into their routine to gain peace of mind.

How many people in this group class?

This group course is limited to 5 people. We will have weekly calls and also a Whatsapp group where we can work together to overcome OCD.

What if i can't make one or more of the calls?

I will record the calls and send everybody the link so that if you missed it you can watch after. 


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