Who is Nicholas

Hey Everybody!

I started practising the WHM in 2016 and have found it has been such an effective way to improve my overall Mental & Physical Health. 

My main pupose is to help people feel better in their mind and bodies.

Whether it be through reducing stressanxietyoverthinking or reducing pain and inflammation in the body.

I also love to see people improve their own performance and help them to get more out of life through utilizing the WHM.

I have had my own struggles with my OCD and anxiety and the WHM has been a massive help to get me out of this stress and worry state and into more of a state of focus, peace and clarity. 

Looking foward to seeing you at the workshop!

  • Co-owner since 2013

    Organic Mechanic is a New Zealand Health and Wellness business

  • Organic Mechanic has been featured in popular NZ publications

  • Presented at New Zealands leading wellness festival multiple times

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